Using Noidex On Links Pages

I’m not sophisticated enough to ask this question correctly but here it goes. When doing reciprocal link building, would it help to place a noindex rule on my links page so the search engines wont see the reciprocal link? It’s my understanding that swapping links doesn’t carry as much weight (if any) so by blocking my links page it would make it appear that I just have the one way link from my link partner. Does this work and if so what are the repercussions?

A “noindex” meta-tag on your page wont stop search engines from “seeing” the links on that page.

If you wanted to take this approach you’d need to block that page using your robots.txt file. Google “robots.txt” for more information on this.

A lighter alternative would be to add the rel=“nofollow” attribute to the links on that page. That stops the search engines from passing link equity (PR) through those links.

But is there really much point in a reciprocal link from your site if you’re blocking your links page from the search engines?

A reciprocal link isn’t frowned upon by Google, only if you have an excessive amount.

So if your reciprocal linking is legitimate and on a small scale, I’d allow your links page to be followed and indexed. I think it’s better to demonstrate to the search engines that your linking is natural and legitimate, rather then trying to hide reciprocal links from them.