Using MS Access Database in Linux

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Is there any way that we can use a mdb file in Linux using PHP? I tried working with unixODBC along with MDBTools. But MDB doesn’t provide write access to the MDB file/database. Is there any other package/library that enables a PHP script to insert data into MDB file in Linux environment?

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I’m also looking on the same issue.
Please send me the result if you find.

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Access is a single user database. As soon as you get a second visitor on your site at the same time the site would fail to work.

Your best option is to export the data out of Access and import it into a proper database for internet use.

yup, access is not what you want to be working with. I would try to write an import routine to bring the access db into mysql db using one of the tools you listed above that give you access to the access table.

Yeah, my main database is not Access. I am working with MySQL. I need to export some data from MySQL to Access. I need to send this Access database to another application, which works only with Access.

The easiest way to export data from a database so that it can be read into any other application is to write it as Comma Separated Values or Tab Separated Values (depending on what the fields are allowed to contain and which is easier to import).

There are many providers providing tool to convert MySQL database to MS Access database. The website URL for one of them is below:

We can export data in MySQL to a CSV file. But how can we import this CSV file into an Access database in Linux environment (No windows systems are used)?

How are you running Access on Linux?

Looks like under wine, but wine will not support every of exe file from redmond. Specially in MS Office case. Maybe the OP will more enlighten it that how is running it in Linux.

Access can handle up to 255 concurrent users, the way it locks records can be altered. Felgall, in what way would the site fail to work as soon as it gets a second user?

I have created the mdb file in windows and placed it in Linux box. Now, I am looking for a way to connect to/use this database in PHP.