Using Microsoft ToDo API on a personal account

Hi Everyone,

My girlfriend and I use both differently todo apps. I am using Todoist (, and she is using Microsoft ToDo, which is integrated into her outlook.

With Todoist, you can use their API to create, update, and delete tasks. So with a little PHP script, you can do this (using guzzle).

When I look at the documentation of Microsoft (ToDo) I get a bit overwhelmed, since Microsoft has a lot of documentation.

Maybe too much.

On Stackoverflow I found a link to the Microsoft ToDo documentation: As seen in the documentation. Everything goes through the Microsoft Graph API.

Is it possible to create keys to use this API on a personal account on Microsoft?

Honestly, it would be a lot easier for either you to switch to what the other has, rather than trying to consolidate them with code. There is all kind of syncing issues you’d need to tackle too. And how often do you refresh? You’d want to refresh as often as possible, but then what about API limits?

It gets hairy real fast. Or you can pick one and do something nice in the time that’s now free, like watch a move with your girlfriend :man_shrugging:



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