Using Microsoft technology, what tools do professional DBAs use?

Using Microsoft tools such as SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and Visual Studio (VS), what tools and procedures do DBAs and database programmers use? I assume it is typical for source, such as schemas, to be stored in a source control system such as Git.

I am hoping to limit the answers to the relevant Microsoft tools. I could or someone could create a separate question for other systems such as Oracle and MySQL and DB2.

Using VS, programmers can use Entity Framework and Code First and Database First. We can create Data Access Layers to centralize database access. The Code First code can be generated second by reverse-enginering databases. And I assume that most DBAs do not design databases using Code First. And a VS database project is not compatible with SSMS database projects.

So what tool(s) would a DBA use to design databases and then protect (using source control) the design (schema)? What is typically used to deploy such designs, either of new databases or to modify designs? How is the design provided for/to the programmers?

I am interested in using the same tools for my personal projects where practical.

I realize that DBAs might use something other than SSMS but I am not sure how to ask this question in a manner that does not open the door to responses that are not relevant to what I can use.

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