Using mailto to create new email with attachement

Hi…hopefully someone here can help.

I’m developing an intranet system for a commercial property agent…and one of the features the system has is to create their pdf property details. They would like to be able to click a link in there intranet that opens up a new outlook message with the appropriate pdf already attached.

I’ve found this code on the internet, but I don’t quite seem to be able to get it to work…any ideas?

<a href=" Details&attachment="\\\\servername\\sharename\\folder\\filename.pdf"">

I just get a popup warning from outlook saying “The command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using”

Do you think this means the “attachment” or “attach” commands only worked in older versions of outlook and that with 2007 it’s not going to work at all? Or is there a different way of acheiving this that anyone knows of?



Maybe this will shed some light -

Thanks Joe…at least that finds somebody else trying to do the same thing as me! Just unfortunate that he’s not had success yet either!

Have registered on there (am waiting manual activation!) so hopefully we be able to find a solution there.



Why do you need such an app.? Lots of people doesn’t uses the outlook express or something like that. I know lots of people just uses Gmail.