Using js to shrink images before submit on mobile device

Hi, I want to build a web app where my users can log in and send me photographs from their mobile phone via a web form.

It hinges on being able to use js to shrink multiple images client side before sending to save bandwidth. Is this actually possible with mobile browsers? I have never seen or tried something like this.

My staff send me photos of jobs they do, anything from 10-200 photos at a time. We’re using whatsapp right now, but it gets hopelessly messy.

I want to use a web app rather than a mobile app because I want to develop it to do other things aswell & store data in mysql.

I’ve never developed for mobile devices, but I did find a possible answer to your question on another forum.

I don’t want to violate any link policies, so I’ll just say to Google “javascript shrink image” and click the one that says “Shrink image before uploading with javascript”.


Woo! Thanks :slight_smile:

You can post links to anywhere you want on the internet as long as it’s relevant to the topic at hand and is not illegal (warez, pr0n etc)

For anyone else finding this thread:

Thanks for erring on the side of caution, though.