Using images in h1 with negative text indent

After fighting with TypeKit for a couple of hours now, I can’t seem to get some of the fonts I want to use to render cleanly enough in the usual browsers. So I’m contemplating replacing the h1 headlines with images, by keeping the text in the HTML and using a text-indent: -9999px in the CSS to replace the text with an image.

What I’m wondering is if there is any good argument for not doing it this way. I’m assuming that in terms of SEO this is just as good as regular text since I’m still using regular text in the h1 headlines.

Is there any reason not to do this and just struggle through with TypeKit instead?

One reason not to do it is that, if you have a lot of H1s, this could get tiresome. But otherwise, it’s not a big problem. I tend not to use the negative indent, though. It means that if images don’t load, or are turned off, the user will see nothing. A better approach (assuming the image is not transparent) is to leave the text in place and absolutely position the image over the top of it via a little <span> element (or <b> or whatever).

Here’s an example.