Using icontact but it doesn't let me have spanish thank-you page, what services do?

Hi all
I’m using icontact because it has a free version so that the the first 500 people in the list are free. However, when someone signs up to the list and click on the confirmation email in their inbox they get sent to a “Thank-you” page hosted on the icontact severs. This is in english and they can’t change it to spanish. Is there any similar service that will let me have an account for free upto 500 (or less) and let me change the Thank-you page?
Thank you

I found one called imnica mail it has a trial which is almost nothing I’ll ask in support if I can change it to spanish maybe a solution. Aweber is what most seem to use but the trial is more expensive and I heard they got hacked recently!

I never recommend email marketing. It can bring good results but it can irritate people too.

It is possible to link to your own thank-you page hosted on your own site (and so set your own language) using iContact’s free edition.

To set the link just go the area of the website where you create your sign-up forms.

If you have any problems - contact support (via chat or email) and we’ll happily walk you through the process.

John Hayes
EMEA Business Development Executive