Using htaccess on local dev: within local network

I’m trying to figure out a way to test a site on an iPad/iPhone from within my Mac’s local development network. Normally I use the development machine’s IP and the directory, but when there’s an htaccess file I get a 500 Internal Server Error.

My setup is usually like this:
I’m using vhosts on the machine I develop on. In the browser I’d go to: dev.projectsite.loc
Then if I wanted to see that site from a device or computer on the network I’d browse to that development machine’s IP address and then to the directory, something like:

Is there a way to use an htaccess file within local environment that’s not the host machine? I was looking at the HTTP Proxy settings on the iPad, but I’m not having any luck getting that going.

I learned that I could add the IP and domain to a hosts file on a PC within the network and I’m all set. Is there a way to do the same when I can’t get access to a hosts file, like on the iPad?

I was searching around and found a similar question on StackOverflow where there was a link to a blog post about [URL=“”]Charles. Do I have to use a Proxy Application?

Any advice or insight would be nice. Thanks!


As I stated in the other post, all you should need is to change the hosts file and httpd-vhosts.conf (okay, the Mac equivalent) on the “server” and access with the 10.{whatever}/domain as you’ve already done.

Actually, setup the {whatever} for the server and use the folder as the “domain” as you’ve already done and all should be okay.