Using function in the function preg_replace

I have a problem, I have two functions tagi() and ObrobkaTekstu. I have not idea how using function tagi in preg_replace in function ObrobkaTekstu().

function tagi($x)
  return $x;

function ObrobkaTekstu($tekst_do_obrobki)
  return $tekst_do_obrobki;

I tried this:


of course this code dosnt work.

Who has idea?

Hi there,

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the problem with your code is that you cannot pass $1 as a parameter to a function like this, as it would be called before preg_replace is executed.
In this case, you can use preg_replace_callback

This will do what you want:

function tagi($x){
  return "<pre>$x[1]</pre>";

function ObrobkaTekstu($tekst_do_obrobki){
  return preg_replace_callback('{\\[code\\](.*?)\\[/code\\]}s', "tagi", $tekst_do_obrobki);

$tekst_do_obrobki = "


echo ObrobkaTekstu($tekst_do_obrobki);

This will output:


I hope that helps you.

Thank you for your help! That’s it.