Using Frames in HTML5

Hello Everyone,

Here is the intended functionality I need to achieve.

I am developing an Enterprise cloud website which requires lot of CRUD operations using forms. There are around 20-30 web pages with Forms and I am tasked with making it super-navigation friendly.

Navigation to these forms haved been provided through a veritcal menu on the left side of the web page and when a menu item is clicked from the left vertical menu, it needs to open a corresponding form on the right side of the page WITHOUT opening a new browser window or tab.

In order to achieve above functionality, I am considering using framesets, frames or iframes. However, there are lots of articles on the internet that discourages the use of frames and iframes. Most visible concern on using frames and iframes is around security hacks, search engine optimization.

Having said above, I have following questions.

1.How legitimate above concerns are?
2.What are easy to deploy, easy to maintain alternatives to iframe to implement above mentioned functionality.

Please advise.

Thank you

Frames like everything else, have their uses, but in most cases, their drawbacks outweigh their benefits by factors of two or more. I personally haven’t used frames in several years, replacing it with divs and sections and using css to control access.

If you’re worried about space, then using slide in/out menus and banners may be a more efficient use of space.


Hi Dave,

Thank you for the reply. Space is not really my concern. Can you provide some example of using div in liue of Frames/Iframes?

Thank you

Frames have been deprecated in HTML 5.

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Essentially, I am repeating what DaveMaxwell and TechnoBear have already said.

If you hear “frame” or “frameset”, realize that a “frame” is a sub-component of a “frameset”. A “frame” is not a separate standalone entitiy. Framesets have been deprecated for a long time.

iframes may be a viable possibility.

I don’t get the connection to SEO.

There are a bazillion examples of iframes on the internet.


I have a following requirement and a scenario. This is HTML5.

  1. Let’s say there are two links as shown below under tag

Link1: Load Customers Link2: Load Suppliers

  1. When Link1 is clicked, it needs to display all the customer in a data grid on the same page without refreshing the whole page. It should NOT work like _blank or _self properties when opening the page.

  2. When Link2 is clicked, it needs to display all of suppliers in data grid for the supplier. Please note that fields on this data grid and customer data grid are vastly different.

So, each time, when above links are clicked page needs to call their grids respectively without refreshing the whole page. In other words These grids MUST load on the bottom half of the same page where above links are located.

There is this thing called Partial Page Rendering. Not sure if this is what it means by PPR.


How can I achieve above functionality WITHOUT iFRAMEs? Do I have to use iFRAMES?


@orawolfx: I’ve merged this question into your existing thread to keep the discussion in one place.

If you’re prepared to take on some javascript and learn the angular framework you can use the ui-router library to individually manage parts of your page.
Though it is a heavy handed approach I only mention because it’s the only alternative I can think of :slight_smile:

The drawback will be it’s harder to optimize for SEO which I assume is a priority as well for you.

What you describe sounds like “tab navigation”. It’s not something I have ever done, so can’t give specific advice.
I did google it and came up with some demos.
Here is one, though I have not studied it closely. No iframes, just css and jquery.

There is a whole bunch of css only methods here on css tricks:-
Found at the end of this article:-


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