Using Forums as a Blog - Good Idea? Advise?

My friend and I would like to document our experience but we also have a lot of class-mates etc that we’d like to be able to participate on our site.

One option is to create a Blog (WordPress) and then others can comment on the blog-posts.

Another option, I am considering is:

  1. Use a forum software (such as Discourse, Flarum, PhpBB, vBulletin etc)
  2. Create 1 category in which only admins (my friend and I) can post threads or comment.
  3. Create a 2nd category which is open to everyone, where people can post their own threads or discuss any threads we posted (in category 1).
    (if I do this, I wonder if there is a way to auto-clone thread from admins-only category to open section so people can post comments there)

What do you recommend? I’ve never seen an example of someone using a Forum software for Blogging. So, I’d love your thoughts.

I would probably want to go reverse here, basically use a blog platform (Wordpress) and then incorporate the forum functionality in that order.

The reason that comes to mind is that forum scripts such as PHPbb and vBulletin, etc. have super forum strict settings and configurations. On that note, using a blog platform from the start would give you plenty of freedom as there are several forum plugins and similar options available that can easily be integrated.

Its possible. Along with using a traditional blog site, CodingHorror keeps his posts on a Discourse forum:

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