Using Flexbox to Create a Responsive Web Design

Hi ryanReese I’ll like to learn how your RWD process with flexbox work. Never used flexbox but heard many nice things about it. I came into the web scene learning from the foundation (HTML, CSS) without framework amd like the freedom of using writing the scripts like a psuedi language of some sort without depending on an external tool. Please I’ll like to have more detail on your RWD process seem interesting to me. I have achieved some RWD projects but I still struggle at RWD and would like to have a seemless process not dependent on a framework!

RWD is a very big subject to cover in one post, but if you have some more specific questions on the aspects of it that you struggle with, I’m sure someone can help.

To get you started with flexbox, here is some useful reference material on the subject.
This one explains all the various properties.
And this one illustrates the effects of those properties in a more interactive way.

Yes, basically what Sam said. How you do RWD does not change because you use flexbox, instead of another tool in the toolset (floats, inline block, table cell).

We are happy to help if you struggle along the way.

And if you use SitePoint Premium, there’s a screencast collection on the topic that I have watched:

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