Using flash for a presentation?

Hi Folks,

I have a basic presentation in powerpoint.

I’d like to use flash to fade in images, animate text, basically make it look more professional.

Are there any templates around I could use? Or anything similar?

I’d like to have the presentaion loop on a big screen.

An advice much appreciated.


When you are using powerpoint, then i feel flash won’t work properly :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies.

I’ve found a flash movie I can use. I can figure out how to change images and text, but the way the movie animates - I dont have the skills to change it to how I like.

Its the last image of the pink rose, It takes to long to fade in and out. Does anyone know how I can shorten that?

Many thanks

Am not sure that this is exactly what you need, but this tool can import Powerpoint presentation and produce a rich-media Flash-based presentation, including your video, slides and descriptive text with hyperlinks.


You don’t have to use flash -within- powerpoint, you can use it as an alternative, and output to a projector.

When you open flash, the start screen has the option to create a new file from a template, within the options are presentations->simple or advanced, which have keyboard navigation and transitions support built in

I tried it once. PPT doesn’t do a good job of handling Flash and is different for Mac and PC.

In Flash, one of the files you can create is a Flash presentation. Haven’t used it though to give you any information on if it is worth using.

Move the keyframes around the animated tweens

Yes, It is better to use flash as a substitute of Powerpoint instead of using it as a powerpoint plugin.

Harry Kooner.

hi i just started web designing but just working on web images and templates,but now i want to start work on flash,so how i can start work on flash which i get learn easily