Using Fireworks to Create a Wireframe

In my beginning web site development research, I watch a video touting Fireworks as a software to start with to create a “wire frame” or template of the web site. In the video it shows the “wire frame” and the web designer is building this “wire frame” up with elements such as squares for buttons, banners created in photoshop, blends and backgrounds. Then the designer uses this as the layout for the site. At this point I believe that the designer somehow imports this fireworks “wire frame” and all of the elements into Dreamweaver.

My question is: What is the benefit of using Fireworks vs. just initially building the “wire frame” elements directly in Dreamweaver?

In Dreamweaver you would have to create all the HTML and CSS. In Fireworks you can just draw it all out get it positioned.

Exactly :agree: and there are even better solutions for wireframing than FW!
Just take a look at this article: