Using Favicons

I am exploring the use of favicons on my site. My site, Building Strong Families National Seminars - Online parenting classes, Bullying conference, is in php. I just placed a favicon on the main page. It is supposed to animate. After placing the favicon code only on the main page, it appears instantly on all the pages of my site without animation as viewed through all the major browsers except for FF. In FF, it only appears on the main page. It also animates on FF.

Since my site is in php, is there a way that I could add this favicon code to some file within the Includes folder so that it appears on all the pages at once without me having to add the code to each individual page in order for it to appear in FF and intimate in all the other browsers?


I have never used anything other than plain .ico files for favicons.

Your mark-up has

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">
<link rel="icon" type="image/gif" href="animated_favicon1.gif">

which makes me wonder:

Does the second “rel icon” over-ride the first?
(I think yes. Except when “rel shortcut” is used)
Will a browser use a .gif file for a favicon?
If it does, will its address bar/bookmarks menu support animation?

I think if you can find the answers to these questions you’ll have it solved.

Thank you so much for all your recommendations. I added the favicon code to header.php and now the favicon appears on all the pages. The only issue that I have is that it is only animated while viewing the site with FF. I am not concerned about this issue though, as long as the favicon appears on all the pages. This issue is now resolved!!

I don’t agree with this post nor his solution but it is interesting to read about browsers dealing with favicons:
rel=“shortcut icon” considered harmful