Using Dreamweaver to create Outlook HTML email messages

I am used to coding HTML in Visual InterDev, and if I cut and paste from the source window into Outlook I can create HTML e-mail messages successfully. HOWEVER my colleague here wants to prepare her work in Dreamweaver. If you cut and paste from the Dreamweaver source page into the Outlook message (format is set to HTML) then Outlook treats the HTML as text within an HMTL page and so all you see is code.
There must be a way of sending emails from Dreamweaver source, cos everyone does it - sorry for the dumb question but I have spent hours trying to find an answer myself !

If you have Office 2000 Outlook then when in a New Message window Use the View/Source Edit on the toolbar. This will give you 3 tabs below your message window: Edit/Source/Preview.

I found this tutorial a while ago. Maybe it can clear things up.

Lemme know if you are using outlook XP…i might know a neat “trick” for your html email messages, it’ll come out as templates though [you can delete em later on if needed].

I couldve told u right awy how to do it, but I’m too lazy to move to the other computers…i’ll have to check some stuff there.

Hi: I am interested in learning how to compose an HTML email in Outlook XP. Can you point me in the right direction? I want to send a cool newsletter to my customers…

Thank s so much,

I used to add my Dreamaweaver-created pages in as Stationery in Outlook. Worked great, and you can then choose to use it as a template for your emails.

this also works for me too.
what i do for my single page newsletters is upload my dreamweaver-generated site and images to the web, then from IE, go to File > Send > page by Email. This opens a new Outlook mail window with your page in it. It may not look perfect in that window but it’ll come out good on the other end :slight_smile:

ETA- by the way, I avoid using Microsoft products for generating or dealing with HTML.

has anyone tried to set up an html email with a flash file included.

I designed my page in Dreamweaver - then did the stationary thing in OUtlook - ummmmm but get the dreaded red x box instead of myt nice picture? Also I think my links looked screwy and did not work when I emailed this mess to myself - ummmmm any idea what I am doing wrong?

Believe it or not I did manage to do this once a few months ago in Outlook Express - and it worked perfectly - now I’m suddenly dumb can’t remember what the heck I did to mkae it work - all I rememeber is that it was incredible simple hahaahhah HELP me please

I sent a HTML newsletter to clients of our company. It even had a Flash bit (a greeting card) incorporated in it. Sent it all through Outlook Express… copy/pasted the html code.

It all worked beautifully. I had no hassels and it was appreciated by all.

I am also working on a html newsletter which I have designed in Dreamweaver. Mine also comes out as raw codes (even with the absolute URLs, the images aren’t there).
All of the above solutions sound great but I don’t seem to have those options (ex: file>send>page by email; stationary on Outlook; veiw/source/edit tooltab; etc.). Is this because I am using Outlook Express 5 on Mac?

Has anyone tried sending out a HTML email designed in Dreamweaver through OE5 on Mac?
Can someone kindly give me some advice?

I HAVE to send this newsletter out on Dec. 15 so please help!

The trick to sending an HTML email with Outlook xp or 2002 is this: Compose your html newsletter with your favorite editor. (DreamWeaver, Mozilla, FireFox, preferably not using Word) Be sure to use absolute paths to your images (example: Save the newsletter as an html file.

In Outlook compose a new HTML message. Click Insert, File. Browse to the html file you saved. Next, DO NOT CLICK INSERT. Instead, choose the down arrow next to the INSERT button. Choose INSERT AS TEXT. You may be prompted to convert the file from HTML, choose OK.

Now you’re set. Make any final adjustments and send away. Outlook is fine for small mailings, but if you’re going to mail to more than a couple hundred people on a regular basis, use some good tools instead. They’re worth the investment, and many are free, plus you won’t get flagged as a spammer quite as easily.


>I’m attempting to create some stationary to use with outlook express<

I have created an html file with ‘Web Page maker’ and dropped the file into the “Stationary” folder in outlook express along with the image files but I get a blank nothing when I try to open it…but the “preview” window shows the correct image??..?? What’s the deal? I’m pulling hairs here… Is there a limit to how complicated (images) the stationary can be? Please tell me I just forgot to put gas in the car…thanx