Using cycle2 to create a scrolling menu

gm all.
I am using cycle2 to create an horizontal scrolling menu.
using, data not images. So far so good.
i want the menu to have controller on each side.
used the info on this page.

ok. so it works but out of say ten links i only wound up w/one centered link.
i wanted as many as the page allows.
so for example if page is on full width. user should see all links.
if page is minimized user should be able to scroll through the menu items.

i have been playing w/this for a while but don’t see how i can achieve that.
could i please get some advice?

Thank you

Could you show us your attempt? Either in a live website or jsfiddle (fiddle preferred).

thank you.
here you are

seems so far the controls are not working either but was hoping to at least resolve the menu display first.

I am thinking i might need to add the carousel plugin

Nope probab not

Cycle2 will only allow for one “slide” at a time (eg one link), unless you group a set of links in each slide container.

Somethink like may be better because you can configure how many items how at once.

Hello bluedreamer. actually if you look at the pen you’ll see that i have gotten to show most of the menu.
& it does allow also for pager, thumbnails & nav.
however even though i think i got it codded correctly the controllers are not sliding the links left & right yet.

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