Using curl syntax append or combine datas from different url

Good day!

I am new in curl syntax. and now I want to know if how can I add data from other url to the url that I called using curl.

Like for example
I called url “” and I have calculation of birthday
and I need to get the data from the data of age when I calculate the bday.

then I want to happen is the data of age from will appear in

I want to know what is the possible thAt I need to do it using curl.

Thank you so much

define ‘the data of age’. You mean to pass parts of it in as variables to bday? Sure it’s possible, you’ll need to parse the data you get back (look at [FPHP]curl_setopt[/FPHP]'s RETURNTRANSFER setting to retrieve the info into a string).

If you’re talking about concatenating A to B, then curl’ing both addresses without modifying the RETURNTRANSFER should output both pages’ content…

This would create a Security Issue. Kindly take into consideration.