Using CSS to designate FONT attributes

Greetings, SitePointers. It’s been awhile since my last thread/question (which was also my first: yup… I’m a newbie). Anyway, got some great help from you all regarding CSS and table border attributes, so I thought I’d try again with FONT attributes. I’ve been getting by (albeit with my very rudimentary webpages) using the old <font> tag, and the face and color attributes work okay, but the size attribute is a real dog. That’s the one I need to do better with.

So, if anyone can point me to some good online reference material that discusses how to manipulate fonts using CSS, that’d be great … and greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks ahead of time . . .

Just checked the link you gave me. Sweet! A veritable plethora of attributes I’d never dreamed of! More font-related questions may follow, but for now, this will more than get me started.
Thanks a bunch, Kal … er, uh, I mean, Force Flow.

You can call him “Forcy” if you want to :stuck_out_tongue: run and hides