Using Css based tables for layout

Hi there,

At the moment reading a sitepoint book: everything you know about css is wrong…

Whats the deal with css-table based layout design. Are people using this technique now or is it obsolete because of css3???

CSS3 isn’t ready yet for prime time in most respects. CSS tables are another tool in the kit, and are really handy in various situations (usually more for isolated items on the page, though, rather than whole page layouts as described in the book). They make things like vertical centering and equal height boxes much easier, and are viable to use now that IE7 and under have shuffled off to the infirmary and are waiting to die (as they lie in bed with gaping mouths, making incomprehensible noises and dribbling on their pillows).

Ok so what is the best place to look for methods for creating layouts the really work across most broswers?

I also really enjoyed reading CSS: The missing manual. The author does a great job with keeping the book from feeling like a standard manual and more of an interaction. Also youtube is great for learning all sorts of things if you are more of a visual learner like me.

The topic has been well and truly covered in this thread: Why Switch from Table to CSS layout?