Using CC [BY-NC-SA] licensed content for demonstration in a commercial template

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you could give me a clarification or at least post your thoughts about the following. I know this license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA prohibits using content for commercial purposes.

How would you classify this situation though:

  • The content (text) to be uploaded on a website serving as a demo for a commercial template,
  • The content to be offered as a free download option to those willing to import into their website via WordPress import tool and test theme’s functionality (a common WordPress practice with its themes).

Basically, the licensed content is intended to present a commercial product but is not otherwise meant to add any monetary value to the commercial theme.

Please assist. Thank you!

Did you either

If you are unsure, you should either contact the rights holder for clarification, or search for works that permit commercial uses.

I’d say that you probably shouldn’t use CC-NC-BY content for this (find some CC-BY content instead or buy some royalty free content).

I would say you’re probably fine using the content (I’m guessing a photo?) in the demo of the template, but offering the content as a free download option may be more tricky - I’d argue that would be you adding commercial value to your template with their content.

Best bet is to just ask them though, plenty of people may well be fine with it!

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