Using both Buy Now, & Add to Cart button

When selling a product using paypal, is there anything wrong with using both a buy now button, with an add to cart button?

Is this something you would recommend against doing?

Can someone tell me if this is true?

There are no add to cart buttons that lead to mobile checkout in PayPal Payments Standard accounts.

There is a mobile payment page for Buy Now buttons.

If this is true, that’s why I was thinking about using two buttons instead of only one.

Note: Merchants that are integrated with the “Donate”, “Add to Cart”, or “Subscribe” buttons will not benefit from the mobile optimized experience at all at this time. Their customers will continue to go through the current payment experience on mobile devices.

“continue to go through the current payment experience on mobile devices.”

Which is what?

I think this is what mobile users see when they click buy now.

According to this I should stick with Add to Cart.

Where did you read that?

It’s been a long time since I worked with PayPal buttons, but it seems to me they would lose a lot of business if half their buttons failed to work correctly on mobile. People would simply turn to other providers.

I’d need to look into it further, but it would help to know your source of information.

I’d say if your customers may want to order multiple different items, then “Add to Cart” is the way to go.

I found this in PayPal’s documentation, which makes no difference between “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” for mobile check-out.

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I decided I’m just going to stick with one button, add to cart.

I think that’s a good choice. (A choice of buttons would probably confuse your users; always best to keep things as simple as you can.)

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