Using Attracta to help with SEO

Anyone here use for SEO optimization? Could you share your experience? Successful?

Just had a look at “how it works” and everything there for free you can do yourself. I see they have a lot of “Upgrades” which you presumably have to pay for and that is probably where they make their money.

I do not see why you would want “Automatic, weekly Sitemap Submission to up-to-100 Search Engines”.

yes, i have used it for the optimization of a site. Its really help me a lot.

Attracta is really good…It is good for the website optimization … I tried its free trial and i found it really helpful…

Mate, a piece of advice: natural, white hat SEO is the best type of optimisation you can do for your site. Read some basic SEO articles on a trusted website like , write some quality articles which would really attract people to your website and forget about unnatural techniques that sooner or later will hurt your website.

I haven’t used attracta until now but from what I see they aren’t offering anything that you can’t do by yourself. For example, why would you need to submit your sitemap to 100 search engines when in general you only need it submitted to Google, where you are looking to rank.

Its good, I have tried its trial version only. But always "play fair for long run…"otherwise you may hit. Due to frequent change in Google algorithms, these type of techniques we must avoid…

This has come quite handy. I have been trying to increase comments on my site to get some search engine love.

I tried it once, but their linkbuilding was really bad. They just put the links in some sites that weren’t even indexed in google.
There are better services that theirs.