Using array_sum() which of this is better

Please house i want to know which of this is better to use, i want to get the total sum of the array, so i did this

$do = array(
array('name' => 'apple', 'price' => 40),
array('name' => 'orange', 'price' => 30),
array('name' => 'pawpaw', 'price' => 15),

$total = 0;
foreach($do as $am){
	$total += $am['price'];	

echo $total;

Or is it better to first make another array or $am[‘price’] and then use array_sum() on it, which could be more better to use.

Thank you

You should use array function

$sum = array_reduce($do, function($sum, $item)
    $sum += $item->price;
    return $sum;
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really this entirely a brand new approach, so there is something called array_reduce() more like the array_map() that has a call back function.


$total = array_sum(array_column($do, 'price'));
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This is the most simplest code for this, really beautiful, am learning alot here. thanks

Try combining all three arrays into a single array because a single entity is easier to move around if used in other parts of the application.