Using angular.js & bootstrap together. can you pile on frameworks?

have been looking up angular.js.
I was wondering if it is assumed that you can team it up w/other frameworks like bootstrap?

I don’t know angular.js myself, but a buddy showed me an example he was prototyping the other day where he was using both. :smile:

They are used for different purposes, so yes.

Angular is not a UI framework. It’s a Javacript MV* Framework for creating single page applications. Bootstrap is a UI framework.

Thank you all, & yes i know that mawburn. Still i was wondering if there be any conflict as it seems there is more & more markup and lots of linked files & script.
I was trying out angular and to make it work i linked angular.min.js & angular.route.js & also ad to add to the same folder the .map versions to make it work.

of course am guessing that someone w/more experience can make it look smoother & easier.

AngularJS + Bootstrap = Awesomeness

These two go hand to hand. AngularJS focuses on handling MVC and Bootstrap focuses on Visualization. In fact, AngularJS has a plugin called angular-ui which is a wrapper to boostrap. The more you learn about Angular…the more you’ll dig and more you’ll get confused…

Take a look at this link and do the tutorial. It introduces other great technologies that you may want to use.

Thank you sg707 although the idea of getting more confused isn’t exactly enticing :smile:

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