Using Amazon EC2 as a Host Reseller


I started a business a few years ago with the intention of being a host reseller. I got a dedicated server with Rapid Switch with Direct Admin installed. Over the years, I don’t really sell any hosting space to people that I haven’t developed web sites for.

I’m now looking at changing my business model to just host a few websites (5) I have built for customers on Amazon EC2 servers. I have tried and liked their working practices.

The only thing I’m struggling with is the Mail Server side. Ideally, I’d like to set each website up on a Micro Instance and their Mail Server on a different Micro Instance, so in total 10 Instances. As time goes by, do the instances expand automatically if more space is required, or do I need to adjust that manually? None of the websites get huge amounts iof hits, so I’m not worried about bandwidth or requests.

I know one of my customers refuses to delete or archive any email, so he already has a few gig of mail server space used up - all of this would need to be transferred to the Amazon servers.

Any advice or pointers would be gratefully appreciated.


Hi Ian,

Nope, that will not happen for now. You can set Alarms for bandwidth, space etc which will inform you. You have to manually upgrade the instance. And the easy way is to stop the instance, right click and change the instance type. Upgrade and start the instance.
Hope this is helpful.