Using ajax but wanting to see possible errors in php code

Before implementing ajax techniques, I could always get feedback from my php code by echoing or printing values to the browser.

Now that I’m implementing these ajax techniques – whether writing out all the XMLHttpRequest code or simply using the jQuery .ajax() format, I’d still like to get the same type of feedback from my php code. Is this possible?

I’ve tried setting the async property to ‘false’ in both contexts hoping the page would change and I’d see some php values I have set to echo or print, but no luck. Probably not the right logic anyway.

I’m missing something but not sure what it is. Am continuing to research but would appreciate any help on the matter. Thanks.

Figured it out. Created a div and using the jQuery .ajax() method I’m able to .load() into the div all of the php values I’d like to see as output, including any errors that occur in the php code itself.

Back on track.