Using adsense on an E-Commerce website


I have set up an e-commerce website that would be run via a dropshipping arrangement. However, I aim to turn into a big portal, with lots of articles, blogs and probably even a forum. The idea behind the content is that it would bring traffic to the website.

I have been wondering whether or not I should use adsense on the website, so that I can monetise the content.
I aim to have two kinds of content on the website:

  1. My own articles, blog etc, that would be keyword specific and hence help build traffic to my store.

  2. Articles from free article databases, that would help monetise the traffic that the store would receive because of the keyword specific content.

I am however not sure if adsense is a good idea on a E-Commerce website and would like to have your views on this. Should I get rid of adsense completely and just focus on product sales? Should I replace adsense with a commission based program where potential customers would at least not go to competition?


Why would you want anyone to click away from your products, I would assume that the kind of adsense ad you would run is for related product, offer those products at your website and point the visitors there…

You can try running your site without the adsense ads for a month and then with the ads the next month. See if you notice a big difference in sales revenue. Also, you can try it on some selective products intead of the whole site.

But first, concentrate on building the traffic to your site.

I don’t know, after reading other replies I have to disagree. Depending on your niche, it may not be such a bad idea to monetize on the content. People would eventually click away from your site, whether it’s before they buy a product or after… why not show them the way by displaying a adsense ad and making some extra money on it?

Probably the best way for you is to experiment. Run your site for a month without the ads and next month with the ads. See if you notice a noticable drop in your sales revenue. You can also experiment only with selected pages for some products on your site instead of doing it on all pages. The result will tell you what to do.

Also, concentrate on building the traffic first.

Right … it always seemed strange
to me that a person would pay big
money (or effort) to get a visitor
and then shoo them away for a
$.10 adsense click…

I would also agree with not using it. The main reason is that you usually get less percentage from selling as an affiliate than you have by selling your goods or services. It may noy be true for some niches, but in general that is so.

Create Adsense sites for Adsense and
ecommerce sites for ecommerce …never
mix the 2.

Focus on 1 model and do it well. Mixing
matching is never a good idea as it simply
creates a mongrel site.

I think its okay to use adsense on your ecommerce site but I think it would be better if you increase your site’s PR or make it known to the others so the adsense will work.

As far I know adsense is profitable only if traffic of your website is high and your site is already popular. I think it is better to focus on product sales.

As a solution you can register you website in some affiliate network to monetise it.