Using a .uno domain for a directory/community - thoughts please :)

Hi there,

I’m thinking of registering a .uno domain which will be used for a community/building website and would like to know people’s thoughts on using this extension in terms the word “uno”'s meaning.

The aim of my website will be for people to add their own thoughts/identity.

I understand from the official .uno website, it “has universal recognition for being number one , first , unique and the best

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I wouldn’t believe the hype of the official .uno website. All you can really say it means is really “one”. Now what “one” really means to a person is situational. However, you do have to realize that most of the newer domains doesn’t have the recognition of a .com/.org/.net domain. So you can expect to have to publicize it a bit more as people will think of .com first over uno.

I probably have more of an issue over the use of “nic” with .uno because when you read that, it means nothing and won’t stick in people’s minds since it really doesn’t mean a whole lot to most people.

But ultimately the content and people you have in the community will determine its success. So good luck.

Choosing a domain is really difficult. There is a strong reason to use .com, since audiences other than web professionals still often assume everything is a .com (or that you can add .com to any domain and it’ll work), so even if you do choose a different TLD it is good if you can register the equivalent .com as well. That said, a good .com name is likely to be much longer and more obscure simply because the competition for names in that space is tighter.

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