Using a simple cell phone

Hi Everyone,

I’m searching for a more straightforward mobile phone for my weekend outings with friends. I find it hard to relax and get distracted too often, so I only have WhatsApp on my smartphone.

The issue is that *2G and *3G networks are being phased out in Europe, making older smartphones useless because they are no longer supported. The only option left is to get a *4G basic phone to make calls.

However, most of the basic phones I’ve seen run on kaiOS, which doesn’t seem to work well, based on my experience with a Nokia 6300 - Dual Sim.

I’d like to mainly use my smartphone for work and have a separate phone for everyday activities on weekends. Does anyone have experience with this setup?

*** 2G,3G and 4G is the generation of mobile telecommunications standards**

Got the idea from the book “digital minimalism” from Cal Newport.

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