Using a red and blue logo with yellow marketing (site, proposals etc)

I have a logo that is predomanantly red and blue, I have had it for about 20 years now and I still like it. However im really tempted to move to a predominantly yellow colour for most of my marketing. So the website will be yellow, and ive fallen for a yellow type of proposal, letterhead etc.

My only issue is that whites and greys work well with Yellow, but reds and blue might be a bit stark. As someone who doesnt really have much design style, im wondering if those of you experienced in design see an issue with this or if I should look at maybe redoing my logo and brand to reflect the new colour direction.

Can’t really say without seeing, but I think it’s good to use a colour scheme that complements your logo and branding colours and I don’t see yellow going well with a blue/red logo.
My advice would be to either use a colour scheme that fits better with your existing logo, or if you want a change and really like the yellow, re-brand and use a re-designed logo in that yellow theme.

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Fair point, I have included my logo below.

Yes I think thats the way I was leaning and just needed someone else to clarify, as I have been going round and round in circles over it!

What about using some type of green and dark gold instead of the blue and red?


Hmm now theres a good shout !

Any suggestions on what Gold and Green to use, I have been having a play and it looks garish lol.

It all depends on how much yellow you are using in the rest of the website. Do you have an image?

Hi there pau85,

how about something like this…


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So what you’re looking for is a “color palette” that works well. Since your logo is a dominant part of your branding, it’s often times good to start with the colors you like for your logo and build the site around those colors.

One thing I like to do is start by looking at how other people do it. Canva’s blog has a sampling of color palettes for websites. That post takes it a bit further by describing the mood and even links to the websites so that you can see it yourself. The point is to just look at what inspires you, not necessarily read through everything (I still haven’t, and I’ve had it bookmarked for a minute now)

You want to try and make sure to look for palettes that work well for websites, since a lot of palettes look really good but don’t necessarily make sense for reading etc. These are color palettes you might not necessarily use for a website, but would work well together for things like logos.

Finally, in general you can make use of a color wheel to see which colors work well together. Adobe has a nice interactive color wheel for web developers, allowing you to set the number and range of colors you want to use and even has options to show you how people of different color blindness levels would perceive your palette:

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Thanks for all the feedback and discussion on this to everyone who has so far given their input.

To answer some earlier questions.
For the print material we are thinking something along these lines

and the website something like this

Note both of the above are just for inspiration, but they are the closest to what I have looked at which I like.

I think if we went green and gold I would replace the dark blue with a darkish green #223A0C and the dark red with a goldish yellow #F0CD16

Although I might need to install gimp or some editing package to mock up my logos using those colours and Tensormonkeys links above to see what level of fade to use with the lighter blues/red and possibly if even just replacing the blue with green would work.

Lots more to think about, but probably closer to the decision I need to make.
Thank you.

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OK, so I liked the green and gold idea but the gold text seems to get lost on white backgrounds. Using some of the colour swatches I came up with a modification of the existing colours (ish). Be good to get your feedbacks.

Green and gold - green is nice and bold.

Blue and red (ish) not sure if this isnt as impactful as a primary colours though. (yellow swatch thrown in).

and an extra one that kinda blends the old with the above.

No offence, but so far, I like the original red and blue best. If it already works, why change it?

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