Using a code inspector to find image background size

Hi from very wet York UK,

This page has a background CSS image. Is there a quick way using a code inspector to find the size of the jpeg in pixels?


Railways-Backdrop.jpg (JPEG Image, 1948 × 3543 pixels)

I’m not sure if that’s from the browser tools (Firefox), or the Web Developer Toolbar add-on, but right-click: view background image, then right-click on that, and view image info.

Edit: It must be the browser tools. I just tried again with add-ons disabled, and I can still get the same information.

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As @TechnoBear mentioned, if you have that option then its great. If you don’t have it, just like in my case you can do the following:
In Chrome, right click anywhere on the page > Inspect > then a side bar opens.
In "Elements" window click the <body> tag, because that’s where you add the "background-image".
Then in "Styles" window you can see "background: url(//mediafiles .....);" just copy the link between the brackets into a new tab.
You can do the same in Firefox.

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Great thank you it works :slight_smile:


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