User side time

i need user side time which become actally in his country or on his computer… :confused: actually which function i use & how thanks :confused: when he post any forum on my site etc

The date object is what you would use. His client will provide his client-side time/date. You can place that info in a hidden field of the form that he submits.

Notice that there’s no guarantee that you will obtain a correct time and date. You might have 1980 for the year, or 2038, depending on how the client’s computer is set up.

You may just want to get their time zone offset, so that you can apply that to the server time and date.

well date object did not give us user local time that give server side time on which time that script run on server that time

Are you saying that this did not give you what is written in the documentation?

Returns the hour (0-23) in the specified date according to local time.[/indent]