User level - page and data privledges

I have a WordPress site to build, the site is for a Homeless Shelter; the inventory to track are the residents, and of course some of the data is sensitive personal info. The user levels will be the 0 residents, 1 front desk staff, 2 case managers, 3 licensed medical, 4 senior staff, 5 admin and pretty much in that order of access. Although, I anticipate some exclusions: medical may not be privileged to some of the case manger notes such as financial or class schedules, therefore some data fields access would be selective not accumulative the higher the access level.

I anticipate some pages of of data being restricted as well as the above fields of resident data.

Out of the box, WordPress author, editor, admin would not seem to accomplish the granular level of privileged access I am trying to achieve. I wonder about BuddyPress, but still I imagine fourm software would not allow a data field to be filtered… such as front desk staff does not need to see medical, social security numbers, or criminal history, but maybe need to see next of kin emergency contact info. So each resident record will have a multitude of data fields and each data field will have some sort of access filter.

Any suggestions on WordPress plugins that may offer a solution?

Are you sure Wordpress is the best fit for your project? I’d have thought that if you need multiple permission levels something like ExpressionEngine or Craft would be a better fit.

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