User friendly URL & vBulletin & accented characters & all caps

I’ve just started a French Forum with vBulletin (as with many language we are using accented characters)

My Question:
Is it possible to have accented characters & all caps replace in vBulletin? (Like in Wordpress)

I want to have nice user friendly URL’s, but when I use Mod Rewrite I end up with accented characters in the URL’s


Good question!

I’m not familiar with vBulletin (or any add-ins for it) but your first step should be to be sure that your server uses French and that your website’s language is French (in the vBulletin headers).

Now, mod_rewrite does understand French but ONLY (that I’ve discovered thus far) when you include the accented characters in character range definitions, i.e., [eé] to match e OR é. Yes, it’s got to be a PITA (pain en le derriere?) for non-English websites but it IS possible. Of course, making conversions (as I’ve suggested in my mod_rewrite tutorial Article) in links before writing them as links and again after receiving them as URIs is problematic for the coder, too.

FWIW, I understand that non-latin characters (accented latin as well as other alphabets/languages) are not acceptable in URLs so, someday, mod_rewrite may catch up.