User form process problem when returning back to the calling script

Hello everybody,

form processing script throws error when returning back to the calling script which is the user entry form.

error message

Notice: A session had already been started - ignoring session_start() in /inc/ on line 3 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Connection in /inc/dbconn.php on line 5

The code is a bit too large to copy past all of it so im just going to focus on the problem area.
newproject.php calls -> savenewproject.php. if savenewproject.php finds error it returns back to newproject.php to display error message.

//newproject.php - parts of the code that i believe is  the problem area.
if (!empty($errorString))
	{	echo '<div class="error">' . $errorString . '</div>';	}

	if (!empty($successString))
	{	$emailaddress = ''; 
		$budget = '';
		$projecttitle ='';
		$projectdescription = '';
		echo '<div id="divfadeout" class="success">' . $successString . '</div>';
<form name ='newProject' action="../inc/savenewproject.php" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST">
the rest are form fields

// include('../inc/'); - appears in both script
$user = (isset($_SESSION['user'])) ? $_SESSION['user']: null;

// savenewproject.php - copy/pasting what i believed to be the problem area.
if(count($fieldErrors) > 0)
{	$errorString = '<p>There was an error processing the form.</p>';
	$errorString . 'ul>';
	foreach($fieldErrors as $errorVal)
	{	$errorString .= "<li>$errorVal</li>"; }
		$errorString .= '</ul>';
	include ('../layout/newproject.php');		       

any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated…

solved by replacing the include with request_once…