User form lossing connection to a header file after runing processing script

Hello everybody,

user entry form(newproject.php) script seems to lose connection to the file header.php located in newproject.php after returning from savenewproject.php script(form processing script).

working with 2 files

  1. newproject.php - user entry form (includeds header.php file which has the link to the css file)
  2. savenewproject.php- form processing script

error message:
failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /layout/header.php on line 2

so basically newproject.php calls savenewproject.php to process the data. if an error is found the script below returns back to the calling script(newproject.php and it displays the error messages if any. when it returns back to the calling script it losses the link to the header.php file…how can i prevent this?

//newproject.php - the calling script

if (!empty($errorString))
    {    echo '<div class="error">' . $errorString . '</div>';    }

    if (!empty($successString))
    {    $emailaddress = '';
        $budget = '';
        $projecttitle ='';
        $projectdescription = '';
        <div id="divfadeout" class="success">' . $successString . '</div>';
<form name ='newProject' action="../inc/savenewproject.php" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="POST">
the rest are form fields

// savenewproject.php - what i believed to be the problem area.

if(count($fieldErrors) > 0)
{    $errorString = '<p>There was an error processing the form.</p>';
    $errorString . 'ul>';
    foreach($fieldErrors as $errorVal)
    {    $errorString .= "<li>$errorVal</li>"; }
        $errorString .= '</ul>';
    include ('../layout/newproject.php');