User-driven Reddit-like CMS or theme?

I’m looking for a Wordpress plugin or CMS that does the following:

  • Allows guests and registered users to submit a link, image for the link, and link title to the site (similar to what Reddit allows you to do)
  • Links submitted to the site should show up automatically on the website as “Pending” or some other category. Submissions will appear in a grid format with the link images showing up, the link titles at the bottom of each image, and the entire image linking to its destination.
  • Registered users on the site can upvote or “approve” pending submissions to be shown on the front page of the site. The amount of approval votes needed can be adjusted.

I want to make this as simple, flexible, and easy as possible, while being as informative as possible. Would be cool to have a site that allows links to be submitted and then turns the links into something cool on the front page.

Have you tried Gravity Forms, it can do much of what you asked for. Is it a directory website you’re looking for?

No, it’s something more like PliggCMS, which is my temporary solution right now. A CMS that allow you to submit your own content in the form of links along with an image and a title to go along with that link. Your submission will then be posted automatically on to the front page as a Pending submission or Approved submission.

But I am also looking for a directory CMS for my other website. Looking for a free version of Something visual and very very simple and flexible and user-friendly.

I’ve just setup a directory theme. I specialize in setting up WP themes.

It’s quite easy to do providing you choose the right theme. I think what you’re asking for is possible with WP, you might have to be a little easy with your requirements. With Gravity Forms you can submit your listings with an image etc. Then you would have to manually add it yourself. If you wished for your added listing to be automatically added to your websites front page you would need to use a directory theme. This would be a cheaper equivalent to using BrilliantDirectories.

I hope this helps.

Does Gravity Form support links only submission with an option to submit an image and caption to the link? I don’t want article submission.

I found Directory Portal, which is the best directory theme I’ve seen so far but it’s paid. I haven’t seen any free directory themes that can compete with it.

Professional themes are often paid options. Free themes are never as good.

I would suggest this new theme I’ve already worked. I hope this helps.

For my directory site, I need a theme that looks less like a directory/map and more like a search engine. The first thing you see will be a search bar that asks “Where is the best <keyword here> in <location here> <category here>” [Search button] Then it will give you a list of places with ratings. BrilliantDirectories and DirectoryPortal seem to do this really well.

If you want a flexible directory platform then is worth a look. It’s a got a huge amount of features, custom fields, member management, full templating system, can bind entries to (included) postcode data, ecommerce options for paid listings/ads/sponsorship, maps integration and even multilingual. No 3rd party addons needed to build something really powerful.

If you want something a bit lighter then might fit the bill. Out of the box it’s a basic directory system with your usual stuff like custom fields, member management, but you can extend it with their plugins.

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