User Added Audio Streams

Would I be able to set this up where a user could add any audio stream they wanted, and it would play the audio from it?

<div class="control">
  <label class="label">Stream</label>
  <input class="input" type="text" />



Is something like this possible to do, or it can’t be done?

A user would input a stream here, and it would work off of that.


You do not have permission to use other peoples streams, so I will not be helping with that.

It’s all legal.

They want their streams given out to as many people as possible.

There are millions of them on here where anyone is free to use them.

That’s still a grey area for me, using your own interface on top of other peoples content. That’s why I’m stepping aside on the matter.

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If there is no input, I would still be using someone else’s stream.

How is that different from allowing someone to place in a radio stream of their choice.

off of here:

Where radio streams are given out to people so they can listen to their streams on any devices they want.

That is also something that I feel very uncomfortable about, and have decided to no longer be involved with.

When you go on their own website, they hand you their streams so you can listen to their music that is playing.

They give it to you.

That doesn’t change my position on the matter, not one iota.

No means no @asasass. It’s about time that you learned to listen.

I was trying to have a discussion on it. I understand your position on it.

I was going to say:

For instance, there are internet radios where you can put their streams into it.

The same streams that are in these radio things.

I don’t understand how I don’t have permission to use their audio stream, if on their website they give me the stream so I can listen to their music on any platform I want. Be it an internet radio, in a car that has internet radio, or anywhere else.

Me using their stream to listen to their music is in no way illegal.

Maybe someone else on here can elaborate on this.

You’re telling me I don’t have permission to use their stream, when they hand out their stream to people so they can listen to their music anywhere on any platform they want to listen to it on.

I don’t think internet radio stations would give out their own streams to people unless they wanted people to know what it is so people would know how they would be able to listen to it.

That’s how radio streams make money, by the number of listeners.

So, of course they are going to give out their streams so that as many people can listen to them.

On the shoutcast terms, article 13:

Without limitation of the foregoing, You may not frame any portion of Shoutcast website or Content or reproduce, record, reprint, copy, store, publicly display, broadcast, transmit, modify, translate, port, publish, sub-license, assign, transfer, sell, loan, make derivative works or otherwise distribute the Content without our prior written consent.


Seems pretty clear to me.

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