Useful code repository


The site instructs you to download and install the WP Pears theme, but especially for folks new to design, there’s no need for all that. In the sidebar is a bunch of useful HTML/CSS code snippets that can be clicked, examined, and copied for your use, learning, and abuse. Fun for borrowing and playing with to strengthen styling skills and trying new things, as well as for use in real designs. I would think that the number of code snippets will increase over time. More experienced users might find the theme more useful than the kajillion text files they have on their computers with different snippets they’ve come across over time. (At least that’s how I do it, mostly 'cuz I’m too lazy to do anything more organized. If anyone has a better storage/access idea, let’s hear it!)

Hi Black Max,

Good resource here, the script is well done and the documentation (for this type of thing) is better than mediocre.

For code snippets I use Eclipse and common document tab that has classes and functions that I need to copy an paste, I have designed a naming system that lets me quickly search for them. Certainly Pears’s code snippets would be easy to use too.