Useful and simple programs for code writing

Hello all,

TextEdit does the trick for writing HTML and CSS but it’s becoming painstaking to work with it for such long periods.

Is there a free über simple program (for Mac OS X) for writing code? I’m thinking of something that colors tags, attributes/elements. Again—nothing fancy.


I’m reading up on TextWrangler and it doesn’t seem to be built for regular HTML/CSS. Am I correct in thinking this or did I miss something?

Are you looking for free apps or would anything go?

My favourite text editor is TextMate, followed by Panic’s Coda.

Other very popular editors for OS X are BBEdit and Espresso.

Please note that Espresso and Coda are 1-tool-for-all kind of apps. :slight_smile:

None of the above are free, however.

Regarding free editors I can recommend TextWrangler (BBEdit’s little sister) and Vim (steep learning curve but extremely capable).

If you don’t mind paying, however, I’d suggest TextMate, as it combines power with a great UI and the extendibility is extremely good.

Have you read TextWranglers feature set for programming?

The most basic text editor is well-suited for HTML and CSS coding. It’s one of the simpler editors and does what you have listed. :slight_smile:

PS: Another free one is vim. The original site does not have a version for (Snow)Leopard, but here’s a port for both:

You could always use dreamweaver for mac that colors tags etc and even closes them for you.
Cheers hope i helped.