Use predicateBuilder with .Where method

Howdy all, after glancing through the categories available, I don’t see C# as an option, so I’m guessing no one on this forum will be able to help me. Basically, I’ve started developing in C# and am trying to query a SQL db using a LINQ (Language integrated query) expression.

The following works in LinqPad (IDE for testing queries against a DB):
Group_Employees.Where(x => x.EndDate >= DateTime.Now && x.GroupId == 132 || x.GroupId == 134) however, it does not work in Visual Studio.
The result set I’m getting back from the query is being fed into a predicateBuilder list which seems to be choking on the .Where method. If that makes any sense…

Have had a hard time finding any decent answers on Stack Overflow which seems to be where a lot of C# / LINQ topics are posted. Any thoughts or suggestions you might have would be much appreciated.
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Usually topics about languages not listed in the categories will go under “General Web Development”. I’m going to move this topic there to maybe increase your chances for a response.

@WebMachine Thanks much! I’ll use the “General Web Development” category for questions like this in the future.

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