Use Openmaps instead of Google maps (and what is the difference between Openmaps and mapbox)

Hey Everyone,

I’m looking at open maps and wondering if it’s worth looking deeper.
Since you need to have an API key for Google Maps I am wondering if it is not better to change to another map for the website (and the pricing for Google maps are pretty high with a lot of visitors, if I may say).

I found a Libary for OpenStreetMap but then I look at the documentation ( it is linking to mapbox (and that is more a company).

So I was wondering how to host it by yourself or use something else than mapbox?
(I don’t have experience with it since I never have used it.)

I’ve only used OpenStreetMap embedded in an iframe, which works well.

Have you looked at this?

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I see you added another question in the title as I was replying.

My understanding is that Mapbox uses OSM data to create maps. They also provide satellite imagery (IIRC) which can be used to add data to OSM.

Also try What3Words because they show a map and also have other alternatives.

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