Use of vanity URLS and passthru


We have our landing page hosted at: will redirect to the above url.

However I’d like that to resolve to (mainly for SEO purposes)

One of the guys has committed some code to issue a vanity url, and I think we are all over it - however I’d just like some pointers on this from an SEO and best practice perspective.

  1. should I use this <link rel=“canonical” href=“” /> on the page after this is done?

  2. What is the best search friendly method to achieve the above result. I am confident the guys have it covered, I just want a different perspective. For example, what of the Passthru function?

  3. should I use the canonical tag on my blog too?


sys admin set it as a vanity url, so no .php.

However the page is going to live at root, and we are taking redirection off. Problem solved. Feel free to remove / close.