Use of HTML embeded video not on server

Hi, I’m new here and not sure if it is the right section, but here is my problem:
I have to create a DVD containing documents and videos. The target audience is mixed by nature, so I considered that all of them would have an internet browser therefore I have created an HTML structure for easy browsing.
The problem is that if I embed the video file in webpage as test both Chrome and IE plays it well. However when I place it in local folder then IE won’t start it. (The video is mp4)
Is there something different that IE needs to play the same video from local folder comparing to the same video on the server?

Hi kioalfa. Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

How are you embedding the videos in your web pages?

Thanks for reply! I have looked around the internet and used couple of tags available, but started with simple „embed” tag and it worked fine for me on the website, so first I went for that. However when I have placed the same tag on the USB drive or simply on my PC to run it locally IE10 wouldn’t play it. Chrome on the other hand still plays it.

Here is the page: