Use of Apture to include a required link to my website on page with copied article

Someone copied an Ezine article that I wrote onto their website and didn’t include my name or the link to my website, which is on the original article.

I contacted them them asking them to fix it. They added my name and the website url, but they did not make the link active.

I tried contacting them again, showing them that the Ezine T&C say that publishers must copy Ezine articles without any changes, keeping all links actives.

I did not hear back from them so I registered a DMCA complaint with Google. I have not heard back from Google yet.

I had a look at the copied page today, and I discovered that if I highlight my website URL with my mouse, then doubleclick (the style -font, colour, etc. - of the URL is no different than the style of the surrounding text, so there is no reason for anyone to do this) - a box comes up that says “Learn More”. If you click on it, you get a list of Google results and a list of Bing results for a keyword that is related to my website. On the bottom it says “Powered by Apture”.

My website is first in the Google results and second in the Bing results. The “Apture” box also has links to keyword-related videos and images, none of which have to do with my website.

So, technically, they have added a link to my website, according to the Ezine T&C, but they have also added links to a bunch of my competitors, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Also, I don’t know anything about Apture. Does the website owner get any type of income anytime someone clicks on it?

Is there anything I can do about this, or is it hopeless since there is a link to my website, although it is one link among many?

As far as I know, the link to your website needs to link directly to your website. Have you contacted ezine articles? It seems they would be the ones to handle any problems with articles you have uploaded to their site.

Thank you, Linda.

The terms and conditions say:

"Agree not to change the title or content of the article in any way.

Agree to make all links so that they are Active/Linkable with no syntax changes."

Now that I am thinking more clearly, I am taking “no syntax changes” to mean that they cannot alter the source code.

I will contact them again, providing them with a copy of the original source code for the URL with link.

I have contacted Ezine Articles previously and they have told me I have to deal with copyright violation issues for my own articles myself. (Like you, I thought that it was something that Ezine Articles should handle.)

I once had a problem with ezine articles refusing to take action on someone who posted my content (albeit on the ezine articles site) in their name as the author. I suggested that I might send a DMCA to Google and other search engines. They decided that they “could” do something about the situation.

My article is the Ezine article, though. It was copied on a random blog.

Even so, you might send them a DMCA that targets their member for infringing on your copyright, since the member is using your work in ways that are unacceptable.

This is what I was told by Ezine previously (copied directly from the email).

"In instances like these, the first course of action we recommend is that you contact the owner/webmaster of the site and ask them to fix the oversight.

This will normally accomplish the end result you are looking for as most webmasters just need to be informed.

If after you contact them and no action has been taken within 48 hours, contact the site’s ISP/Host and ask them to enforce their AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). This information can usually be found by doing a WHOIS lookup on the domain name.

We expect publisher(s) to follow our reprint rules as stated in our Terms of Service:

However, it is up to you to take action against those who abuse your copyright to protect your interests. "

(Bolding mine.)

From the above, it looks like Ezine is saying that they take no responsibilty for copyright violations by their publishers.

That doesn’t answer my question.

Update: I emailed the webmaster again, and they took the page down right away.

I don’t know if the complaint I sent to Google had any effect.

I’m glad to hear that you have resolved the issue. :slight_smile: