Use npm package on server side

I want to use ‘.las’ binary file in three.js.

I created my three.js page with module type JavaScript.
In three.js, there are loaders to load specific file format like obj, gltf, mtl.
but there is no loader for .las file.

so that I have to use @loaders/core & @loaders/las npm packages to load three js file.

to load that file first I created html page with input tag to select ‘.las’ binary file from my pc.

after clicking upload,
using above npm packages I extract data from file and save it to user.json file in static folder.
after that I load my three js page with that file.
and I got my result.

so my problem is I have to upload file and save that data to server.
and after saving , I have to download that file to client side to get my result.

So is there any way to send that packages to client side and process ‘.las’ file data and use it on client side so then I dont have to save file to server and send it back to client side to display