Use javascript to disabled sounds/popups?

Hey everyone, I’m in kind of a pickle here.

I run a website and we have an ad agency who despite our repeated requests, does not filter run of network ads to make sure no popups are served or ads with sound are run.

However, we can’t afford to drop them and no other agency is going to give us the fill rate/CPM we are currently getting.

So we need to take matters into our own hands, and I hope it’s possible. We need to put a script on our site which overrides any javascript/flash served via ads and prevents popup windows from opening (or auto-closes them). We also need a way to disable sound within the current tab.

Is that possible at all?

With the audio problem it’s not. Flash audio gets sent direct to the OS itself, which is the reason why web browsers aren’t able to control the audio on a per-tab basis.

As far as the auto-closing other windows goes, you might be able to reassign the object.