USD42.7 to make your own site

I just start to do business by a site to show the items online.

Here let me tell you how much I paid for my site.

Domain is USD7.75/year, Hosting Space is USD42.7/year.Actually,Most hosting space will give you a free domain.So that you could save 7.75 for the domain.
For the site,i use the zen cart with wordpress.As long as you know little about how to install the site system in the space,you will get your own site with so cheap price.

  1. I never let a host own a domain name. I always go with an actual registrar
  2. Costs vary for hosting, depending on the company and the services they offer. For example, I’m paying $6/mo for shared hosting, which is more than I need.
  3. What exactly is your question?

you are correct.but why you don’t use the domain which host will give you free?uhm…i just bought one domain before hosting,i think it no needs.for the hosting,i think you are right,we should buy several month to test first.but i bought one year this time.

Because it’s tying something I need to own for the long haul to a provider I may use for the short haul. Risk is greater than the $8 reward.

i think you are right,we should buy several month to test first.but i bought one year this time

Paying for a year on a new vendor is always risky. You may save a few dollars but again, it’s at the cost of potentially bad service and with your agreement up front, you won’t know until you’re locked in. Now if the service is cheap enough or the savings are considerable it can be worth it.

As force flow mentioned, is there an actual question to your topic or are you merely looking to discuss the benefits of domain included hosting?

Because then the hosting provider would own it. If you decide to move to another hosting provider, you might not be able to take it with you.

If you register it yourself through a registrar, it’s yours.

Again, do you have a question which goes along with your statements?

thank you,both of you 2 it seems i am taking in the risks.uhm…but it is late now.however,i think the host space which i use at the moment is not so bad.
actually,these are the invest before getting the profit.what i most concern is how to get as many trafic as i can for my shopping site.